Ready to join an avant-garde SEO agency that champions the underdog?
Join Budget SEO, the leading SEO services company in Singapore and become an integral part of our dynamic, diverse, and thriving team. Our focus is not only on achieving extraordinary results for our clients but also on fostering an environment that nurtures your growth and celebrates your achievements.
Rhymney Mazza
Head of Strategy

Seize control of your destiny with mind-blowing growth opportunities.

At Budget SEO, we offer more than just a job. We provide a platform for your aspirations and foster a culture that encourages creativity and innovation. Our team consists of a remarkable blend of SEO specialists, marketing maestros, and creative thinkers who work together to achieve incredible outcomes.

What time is it? Perk o'clock!

As an SEO consultant at Budget SEO, you’ll get a front-row seat to the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

🎉 Regular events

Our alias is Best SEO, and we know how to throw a bash.

💪 Free gym memberships

Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds!

🌿 Holidays & wellness retreats

Here’s a voucher, on the house

🌏 Global training sessions

Upskill with the best every month!

💼 Hybrid work

We’ve aced the new normal.

🎮 Rec room

Foosball, karaoke & classic arcade games.

🍩 Our well-stocked pantry

Overflowing with gourmet & premium selections.

Name not enough for you?

Here’s why we’re the best

Still pondering?

Here’s why we’re unrivalled

Upskilling opportunities

Each day, you’ll accrue skills that will bolster your entire career.

Elite culture

We’re a vivacious, diverse crew, a lot of fun & we get heaps done. Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Network with the best

Our global training programme will link you to an international network of marketing maestros.

Perks, perks & more perks

Fancy working from home or globetrotting? Why not both? We’ll treat you with wellness spa vouchers and tantalise your taste buds throughout the week. And no, we’re not talking canteen leftovers. We mean gourmet delicacies, folks.


International opportunities

We’ve marked our presence on five of the seven continents (Antarctica, we’re coming for you…). Who knows where a career here will steer you?

Sound enticing? Here's who we're scouting for:

How we function at Budget SEO.

Our common values tie us together & steer us as a unified team.


We’re no misers. We’ve braved the ascent to bring you the riches we discovered.


We tag ourselves as the Best for a reason. We’re perched atop the totem pole and we want you up here with us.


Our digital marketing agency in Singapore aims for your business’s zenith, just like you do. Let’s back each other up.

Our Mission

To provide top-tier SEO services in Singapore at rock-bottom prices.

Our Vision

To be the go-to choice for every budding entrepreneur.


“Wow, that sounds fantastic... but I'm not sure I’m a fit.”

We’ve heard this before. You might be pleasantly surprised, though. Send us your resume & we’ll get back to you.